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CNC Machining


As we continue to be in the business of satisfying our current customers, we have made progress in keeping up with the new technologies and tooling to keep us very competitive in today’s ever changing OEM world.

With 40 plus CNC Machines one might say that SMI is very familiar with CNC controls and there capabilities. We have over 90,000 square feet of shop space which allows us to strategically arrange machines to form cells that run much higher efficiencies by overlapping cycle times and decreasing overall lead times. SMI is well balanced between the turning and milling work that they perform. This balance is the main reason that over the past 20 years we have many experienced machinists that cover all facets of the machining industry. Also as the older machines wear out they are replaced with machines that are more functional with newer technology to keep our efficiencies at a very high rate.

SMI is:

  • Experienced in machining a wide range of materials including: Carbons, alloys, cast, ductile, stainless, aluminum, brass, copper and plastics.
  • Experienced with many forms of material such as all shapes, sizes and grades of bar stock and tubing, plate, flame cut, laser cut, water jet, extrusions, weldments, forgings, castings and investment castings.
  • Well-rehearsed in gathering competitive material quotes by using over 25 different service centers for bar and plate, plus 4 mills direct for larger volumes. Plus over 20 different casting houses for the many different types of casting we manufacture.  We take pride in our business relationships we maintain with all of our material suppliers.