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To be able to provide a completely assembled product, one must have the ability to process several different types of finishes that are available in today’s world to preserve and protect the materials that are used. That is why at SMI, we have added a complete painting batch type system that includes a wash bay, a spray booth and a large capacity oven with full functionality to apply either wet or powder coat paint to meet our customers’ demands. Our paint system is very universal giving us the ability to switch from one type or the other as needed throughout the day.

Along with our painting system we also have strong business relationships with several other finishing companies throughout the country. These partners have a great deal of experience in the following processes: Zinc Plating, Ion Nitriding, Powder Coating, all forms of Heat Treating, Meloniting, black oxide coating, laser cutting, laser cladding, anodizing, chrome plating  and many other processes in the finishing industry. The added value and knowledge of the services that these professionals can display is never more than a phone call away.